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October 05, 2010


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This looks ace! Turkish type soup is so nice, here is my take with preserved lemons.

The Shed

Lentils and lemons; perfect combination. Can't say I've ever ordered it - usually too busy with the mezze and meat - but often make a very similar soup at home. And I'm in complete agreement over soup for breakfast.



Joshua Armstrong

Oliver - they do make some good soups, definitely like the idea of preserved lemons with lentils.

The Shed - there's just not enough breakfast soup over here. It's a welcome addition to an order, although so are most things on those menus.

Cynthia - thanks.


Hi Joshua. Wonderful. and yes what a great conversation. I urge you to try Ezogelin Corbasi( red lentil, bulgur and Tomatoe soup with a hint of dried mint added just before serving)
Keep up the good work

Joshua Armstrong

Turan - that sounds great, I'll look it up. I thought some of the mermicek corbasi I buy in Dalston tastes like it has a little mint in too.

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