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November 13, 2010


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Couldn't agree more. I also love Maccy D's. I love the sausage and egg McMuff, the big mac and often find it hard to walk past a MD's without ducking in for a cheeseburger which is inhaled in two bites. Food snobbery is a terrible thing. Bring on the guilty pleasure I say. Yours looks very much the real thing! It's that salty herbyness, isn't it. the sugar as well - essential.


Awesome. I am a huge fan of Maccy D's, even if it does make me feel dirty after a feast there. I don't live near a branch (I know! No Maccy D's in New Cross?!) so this looks like just the ticket.


Tee hee. I had KFC the other day.

Will give this a go - I tried "making" Italian sausage last week to go into a pasta sauce but I didn't salt it enough. Boo.

gourmet traveller

My only problem with McMuffins is that McDs stop selling them after 1030ish and I'm almost never awake that early when I need one most - after a big night out. Hawksmoor of course does an excellent version but they're all the way across town.

Love that yours is so simple that I'd even be able to throw it together hungover. Bookmarked!


Amen to that Josh. If they could only get the yolk to run I would have one every week. I used to go for Mc Donalds breakfast with my daughter on our way to Gliding on a Saturday morning and the breakfast sausage muffin with egg was the highlight for me. It's the only thing from Mc D's that is remotely worth a second look. Nice one! happy memories..

Joshua Armstrong

Helen - my groups of friends talk of a TC, otherwise known as the tactical cheeseburger, grabbed quickly to help soak up prior or future drink consumption.

Lizzie - there's no shame in a McDs

Su Lin - Italian sausage is a good starting point for sausage making as frequently used without skin. Sausagemeat can take quite a bit of salt though, a lot of recipes go for 1.5%-2%, so 15gr to 20gr per kilo of meat.

GT - the 10.30am limit is a pain. I definitely need to give the Hawksmoor one a go, even if the cost will mean I don't do it too frequently.

Turan - definitely, the most I've managed there is a slightly translucent middle and that doesn't happen very often (and I've eaten more than my fare share of them)

Tori (@ Eat-Tori)

"I think a lot of us who choose to write about food are just, deep-down, gluttons"

So true. Well said!NB, love the touch of chilli in the patties- they look seriously good.

Greedy Diva

Great hangover recipe. Will keep it handy by the Nurofen. Cheers!

Forager @ The Gourmet Forager

Looks like the real deal! I love my food too - but have a weakness for McD's hash browns. Oh and on road trips, McDonalds is totally acceptable food.

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