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November 25, 2010


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Brilliant! I can never turn down Chicken 65 when I see it on the menu and now I can make it at home!


Cauli 65 is my favourite. Even better with a sprinkle of chaat masala at the end.


So, crispy fried chicken, spices, onions and curry leaves. What's not to like. That sounds amazing.

Tori (@ Eat-Tori)

A bowl of this, a cold beer and somewhere to put your feet up. Recipe for a cracking night- thank you for a great post!

Joshua Armstrong

Su Lin - you're always ahead of me on these dishes I find and fall in love with. Where can I get it in London then?

Liz - that sounds tasty, I saw a mushroom 65 somewhere too I think.

Sharmila - I think it would be hard to combine those elements and not get something tasty.

Tori - that does sound a fine evening

Mr Noodles

I've seen Chicken 65 on some of the menus of the South Indian places in Tooting. That said with your kitchen skills, it'd be easier to make than to go there!

Joshua Armstrong

After spending an hour getting from one end of Tooting to the other last Saturday afternoon I'm done with the place.

Made at home it is.

C.M. Reinhardt

I have wanted to travel through Kerala for a while now, thank you for posting so I may live vicariously!

Found you through twitter and love your site and feed.

Joshua Armstrong

Thank you.

You should go for it, is a nice place to visit.

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