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November 22, 2010


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I just made soup dumplings (oh pork, be still my beating etc.) but damn, it was hellish getting the pastry right (was meant to have like, a million folds), I shoulda done them like this.


Right yes I know what I'm making this weekend then.

Joshua Armstrong

Sasa - I have to admit I've never tried the proper folding technique, I failed miserably with baozi and they're far less intricte

Lizzie - make sure the stock sets real firm, you could add some gelatine to be sure


This is so impressive. I tried to make these at a cooking class and made several "cornish pasties" before getting my technique down. Respect.

Joshua Armstrong

Thank you. There's been a lot of failures to get to this stage and I could still get a lot better. That photo is small side plate, so the dumplings are reasonably compact - earlier attempts would look that size against a large dinner plate.

The key for me was being told not to stretch the dough into the folds, that and making the dough stiff to start off with.

James Walsh

This looks so good. I made some potstickers a few days ago but I had to use wonton skins. They were very good but not as presentable as yours.

Joshua Armstrong

Thanks James.

I've never tried them but you can get ready made dumpling skins too, so lacking the egg that won ton skins have. They may work better.

I'm always tempted as the rolling out is a bit of a pain in the arse.

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