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November 09, 2010


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Brilliant post, and glad you enjoyed it. For me, sambar, idli, dosa, green bean thoran and appam are home food, and I still get homesick for them. Luckily, my aunt is about to give me her idli moulds for my pressure cooker, so I can now cook idli to my hearts content.


Lovely post about one of my favourite parts of the world.

Joshua Armstrong

Sharmila - Thank you. So my theory about a lot of it being home rather restuarant food was correct? No wonder you get homesick for those dishes. I've tried and failed once on dosa since getting back. Once I have the fermented batter nailed I'll be heading to Brick Lane to get myself some of those steamers and moving on to idli.

Liz - Thank you too. They seemed to use oil rather than ghee in most things so perfect for you.

Going With My Gut

My father in law's side of the family is from Kerala and this gorgeous post made me smile -- a great nudge to get working on the rest of the posts from when we visited this past Dec / Jan!

Thanks for sharing!

PS Those chinese-inspired dishes you mentioned? Quite likely Hakka cooks. I've read that a lot of the Chinese immigrants in India are Hakka, coming into Calcutta and then fanning out. For your girlfriend's amusement!



Fabulous post. Thinking of getting me some South Indian food this weekend now...

Mr Noodles

Those prawns are massive! Such a shame about the breakfast buffet at that last hotel though. I wonder why they do that? Surely more people would prefer the local grub rather than below-par 'western' food?

charlie n

Amazing trip.... lovely stuff.


Absolutely loved this post, Joshua, felt like I was there for the ride. Thank you so much for sharing in so much detail...

Joshua Armstrong

Wen - didn't think of a Hakka connection with the Chinese dishes, I should've tried more of them.

Su Lin - thanks, it makes me want more and I'd've thought I'd had my fill for a whole

Mr Noodles - they were huge. I wasn't talking about a hotel buffet. The resort must have had 30+ restaurants and all of them had near identical generic menus. They were very tourist focused so I'm guessing they were responding to what the majority of tourists wanted.

Charlie - cheers, it was

Kavey - my pleasure


i didnt know you had already made it to Kerala, let alone put up a post. lots and lots of scumminess here. you are so lucky to have been able to have all of this nosh. love all the rice flatbreads. great post.

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