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December 21, 2010


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I spent a weekend in Wisconsin earlier this year and I have to say they do love their cheese curds!


OMG, this is absolutely brilliant! No longer will I have to live without poutine! Thank you, Josh!

Joshua Armstrong

Meemalee - up until now I'd failed to find anyone that had seen the real thing. I'm assuming you ate them? Were they good?

Su-Lin - you're a poutine fan too? You always seem to know and like the dishes I post about from other lands (admittedly only Canada this time). I like your taste in food (which, like mine, seems to be EVERYTHING).


I ate them and yes, they were squeakily good :)

I almost bought some as a souvenir:


Gin and Crumpets

The Canadian national dish is cheesy chips with gravy? The French didn't manage to have quite as much impact on Canadian cuisine as the British, did they?

Still, delighted to learn you can buy rennet on eBay. Cheese making is the sort of thing I have in the back of my mind to have a go at, but I could excuse myself because I couldn't possibly get rennet anywhere. Now I can free myself of that excuse and ruins vats of milk in the pursuit of cheese.


awesome recipes...definitely i will try this and Wisconsin people love cheese curds...with your help i tried "Wisconsin Fried Cheese Curds" and it was awesome...
really thanks for this lovely post

Cathy Sweeney

You actually make this all look really good. My husband is from northern Wisconsin and we visit there often. Everyone seems to love cheese curds, but I've avoided them so far. Maybe I'll give it a try!

Joshua Armstrong

meemalee - if only we could buy them over here, although probably good for the arteries that we can't

G&C - strictly speaking it's made using a sauce espagnole so the French did add a bit of pompe and grandeur

Steve - glad it worked out

CS - if your husband is from there you have no excuse not to give them a try


wow a recipe for wisconsin fried cheese curds...might have to give that a whirl... Usually only get those from Culvers on rare trips to Wisconsin!!

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