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January 29, 2011


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Oh man, that looks good. Too many seriously moreish recipes on here at the moment! I first encountered this in Singapore too.


Can't you start making this and become a London-roving dealer? I'd buy some off you! Quiet like, in a dark alley...


I made some too. Recipe quite different from yours. See blog.

Jackie B

so this is how they make bak kwa, never knew.. awesome!

Joshua Armstrong

Sharmila - the blog has been rather heavy on unhealthy but moreish things recently

Kavey - it's definitely something London's lacking. Maybe a cart is needed.

Sunflower - cure aside they're not too different. I was surprised how cured mine tasted, the salt must work quickly on the tiny bits of meat

Jackie B - recipe-wise it is, although this method is born out of necessity rather than tradition


this is great. i brought back 1kg of it from singapore for chinese new year :) still slowly rationing it. Once i finish that i'll be all over this recipe. thanks for sharing!

Joshua Armstrong

You've got strong willpower.

As someone that's had it recently you'll have to let me know how it compares. My memories of the real stuff are 18 months old now.


I guess there'll be a load more blog posts on this as we come up to Chinese new year... I am definitely making it. I loved snacking on it as a kid.

Joshua Armstrong

I didn't realise it was a CNY thing when I made it but seems like I timed my making of it well.


Have to resist eating it all in one go....LOL!! Can't believe that we can make our own Bak Kwa now....they are sooo addictive!
I'm poring through to see what else I might make from the book! Actually, I should probably check out what other books you have....=)

Joshua Armstrong

There's a nice Taiwanese fried prawn thing near the back (minced prawn in breadcrumbs) and the fried radish cakes are good too.

I'll try and remember to make a list/take a photo of my MY cookbooks and email it to you. I don't have many, maybe 15 I've bought in my travels. I have an Indonesian one and a few Chinese ones too, but they're in Malay & Chinese so I can't read them and have to use the gf's family members to translate.

cooking fairy

This looks absolutely delicious. I am definately going to try this recipe. South East Asian food is amazing. I have been blogging and cooking alot of street food inspired food myself recent. Have a look if you fancy. My blog is www.cookingfairy.co.uk. I will let you know how I get on! yummy!! Thank you for sharing.


Wow. And wow. I have to make this! A sheet of sweetened pork meat. Again, wow.


If you like Malay and Chinese translations you can contact me.

Joshua Armstrong

Cooking Fairy - it's all about the south east asian street food. I will go check your blog.

Helen - wow was my reaction when I first bought some on the streets of Singapore. Think I may have to knock up another batch.

Sunflower - that is most kind. I try and get by with dictionary and online translation but may have to resort to you. Thank you.

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