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February 03, 2011


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Ooh, yes please (also, HA - thanks for the name-check)


Could you link to a picture of the skins you used? (By the way I did veganise that Korean chicken and it was amazing, I'll send you the link when I get round to blogging it!)

Joshua Armstrong

The skins are here:


Glad the other KFC worked in vegan form. I look forward to seeing the recipe.


Lovely lovely. Pleased mum could help you out. Interested in the wakame seaweed, when you mentioned it I assumed you meant the dried flaky purplish kind.

Joshua Armstrong

Here's the seaweed I used:


I have it for Japanese stuff, obviously, so used it in this.


Mmmm dumplings. Or 'dumps' as my boyfriend calls them. Nice.


Wow, that's one thing I'd never really thought of making but this seems really nice and easy to follow! Great post mate


I love dumplings and with a gorgeous broth its the perfect dish for chilly evenings. Never really make them at home; though will have to try ur recipe. Looks easier than I thought!

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