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March 24, 2011


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sounds divine - will definitely check this out

oliver standing

Damn, I had no idea they had opened this place! It's five minutes from my work. I love Cay Tre too, one of the best IMO.


I actually just saw that this place today passing on the bus - was thinking about banh mi for dinner but didn't in the end... This is making me regret it!


You're fast and your good. Thanks for sharing this great catch. Can't wait to try one.

Joshua Armstrong

GG - it's definitely worth a visit

Oliver - its only been open a couple of days I think so not surprising you'd not heard about it

Hanna - there's always another time for banh mi

Daniel - I'd love to hear what you think of them


Just polished off the pork meatball banh mi, oh my...

Now I have another menu to eat my way through, thanks!

Joshua Armstrong

Meatball one is tasty isn't it. I went down Saturday lunch time I had the same.


I'm yet to find a really good banh mi in London. Still have to try Banh Mi 11 at Broadway markets but this sounds good too!


Did you ever have any banh mi like Keu's when you were in Vietnam? I've been twice and have to say I never saw any (though I wasn't looking back then). Though they were keen to sell us baguettes and Laughing Cow (yep the cheese) for our long train trips!

They have some good banh mi places in New York and I remember thinking that people who've not been to Vietnam and think they must be everywhere over there will be disappointed!

Joshua Armstrong

Catty - the most authentic I've had in London are Banhmi 11 and City Caphe. Keu are a damn tasty sandwich though even with their straying from how I remember them in Vietnam.

Alex - we had quite a few in Vietnam like that, yep. Don't remember seeing them in Hanoi but had loads in Hoian and Nha Trang and a few down south too, I hadn't seen them before I went there as London was bereft of establishments. They were all from carts rather than anywhere permanent. They certainly weren't everywhere though.

I saw lots of the laughing cow too, especially in Laos, and carts selling meat ones had laughing cow as an option, but I didn't indulge.

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