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March 10, 2011


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I really hate myself that I thought you were referring to Puddingface.

These look gorgeous though - and yay for keeping the yolk soft :)


Coo, I never knew that... about the origins and name...

Joshua Armstrong

Meemalee - 6.5 mins from room temp seems to work for me, done it three times now with success

Kavey - The Fortnum & Mason bit is real, I may have completely made up the Olde English 'to scotch' bit though.


Are these the Scotch eggs that you then grilled...? :)
I am very embarrassed to say that I have never eaten Scotch eggs, these look very very good though.

Joshua Armstrong

That's the ones.

There are good scotch eggs and bad ones. To be honest I'm happy with either but probably best to go for a good one for your first.


Kavey, Joshua - I've read that "to scotch" was indeed an Old English verb that meant roll in meat and fry in several places, so you're not just making it up :)


Love em! Pure and simple, I probably have at least two a week and these looks fan-dabby-dozy! (a little nod to the scottish there)

Joshua Armstrong

Meemalee - how funny. I thought I was making it up and carrying on in the farcical manner of the rest of the post.

Paul - two home made ones a week? If so good going.

Tori (@eat-tori)

How this made me laugh this morning. Am also desperately wishing there was one of those right here to have with some toast and tea. Loving the googly yolks.


I've never seen such delicious looking Scotch eggs! Love the soft centre.

Joshua Armstrong

Tori - it's a bit of a nonsensical post, the eggs are tasty though.

Tori & PPC - one of the bes things about making your own is the yolk. I've found 6.5 minutes for a room temperature medium egg works perfectly for me. Enough to set the whites fully but the yolk still oozes out.


Haaa, my thought processes have been whipped forwards and backwards. Who knows what to think now?! ;P

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