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April 05, 2011


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Awesome. I've wanted to try making potato rolls for ages as I've heard talk of them being perfect for burgers. I'm not sure I've ever even tried one.


Dude! That looks excellent I have to say, will definitely be trying this at home :^)


Awesome stuff - your determination is admirable.

I have also given up using any recipes using cups; I tried making apple and cheddar scones and failed miserably in conversions.

(in my younger days I discovered that's sainsburys own instant mash is more potatoey than Smash.)

Joshua Armstrong

Helen - I have (as I know places I've eaten that sell them) but it was unknowingly and so didn't really notice. Basically they're a soft white roll, slightly sweet in the American way, with a texture that holds up well to burgers. I guess I should've put that in the post really so folk knew what they would get.

Paul - cheers. The burger was a little rare but very tasty.

Lizzie - I tend to convert things first time, so use a cup measure but onto the scales. My recipe books are then filled with recipes in grams that I not what I think they could do with to improve, not that I go back to that many recipes really, although the intent is there at the start. Cheers for the Sainsbury reminder, I was in there last night and noticed their Basics Instant Mash is only 18p, so probably a good bet for these as one is hardly going to use it for anything else.

Daily Spud

Excellent work. Spuds are fiendishly variable buggers, other than in instant form. You'd have to grant that the makers of the instant stuff understand a thing or two about the behaviour of the spud & its starch.

Gin and Crumpets

You've found a use for Smash that won't blight a meal! The rolls look really good and I salute your dedication to getting them right.


such a clever use of instant spuds - most ingenius.

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