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May 17, 2011


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Everything about this is WIN! You used a chefs ring to cut the pastry did you? How did you get the chef to stand still for long enough? *tee hee*


You ate ALL TEN? Wowzer.

(I often wake up thinking of fried things.)


Yum. I've eaten pizza fritta before but never these little calzone versions - I've always had little flat discs fried in oil (a bit like popadums) then topped like a pizza. These look delicious though. Do you have a deep fat fryer or do you brave a big pan of boiling oil?

Joshua Armstrong

Paul - whilst penning that I did have some rather weird thoughts of naked chefs squatting over rolled out dough. Not sure you'd get quite so clean a cut though.

Lizzie - I thought I should write serves 2-3, rather than one fat bastard. It's basically the ingredients of a 12" pizza, which I'd happily devour, but the deep-frying must add a few calories

TLF - I had read about the flat ones too and they sound great, something to try in the future I think. I use a saucepan, the largest of a 3 pan set with about 4cm of oil in, so only just over 1/3 of the way up. I have a thermometer so can check the oil is right temp. Before the thermometer I'd get dubious results on occasion as don't find the cube of bread test that reliable.

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