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May 09, 2011


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oliver standing

Niceness, I got a wicked grilled onions salad at Testi on the high st once...


Ooh, this is very reminiscent of what I've been eating in Lebanon the last couple of weeks... that balance of sweet, sour and herb!


This is my favourite salad at 19 Numara Bos Cirrick. It's one of the reasons I rarely stray from when I go for Turkish food in Dalston. Your version looks ace!


My brother lives in that part of London and the air seems to be filled with the gorgeous smells of chargrilled meat and spices. Love this simple onion recipe - perfect for summer once the BBQ really comes out in force!

Joshua Armstrong

Oliver - thinking about it Testi was the first place I ever had it

Kavey - it's a fine trio of flavours

Sharmila - a recent trip to 19 Numara is what inspired me to recreate

TLF - a walk down there definitely gets the stomach juices flowing

Sprinzette @ Ginger and Almonds

I so enjoy returning to your blog - what gorgeous ideas. This salad looks delicious.

Joshua Armstrong

Sprinzette - if you're living in Dalston you've no need to make it yourself (although it is fun) - it's right on your doorstep.


Yum, those smoky onions are my favourite part of going out for Turkish bbq - I'm going to try them in my chiminea.. any idea where i can get pomegranate molasses locally (i'm in N16)?

Joshua Armstrong

Katie - I buy my in the TFC (Turkish Food Centre) at the top of Ridley Road market. Any Turkish shop (Green Lanes, Shacklewell Lane, Stoke Newington High Street...) should have it though.

Just look for small bottles of a dark liquid with a pomegranate on the label, sometimes it's called pomegranate sauce. Along these lines:


The ingredients tend to revolve around pomegranate juice and sugar of some sort.


Brill, thanks a lot! Love your blog, so many recipes I want to try...

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